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With your support, we can beat heart disease and stroke.

Your support is helping us to create a healthier future for everyone in Canada. Thank you so much, together we're promoting health, saving lives and enhancing recovery for your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours who are living with or at risk for heart disease and stroke. Here is the work of Heart & Stroke that you're helping to drive forward. Learn more at

Champion critical research

We rally the best scientific minds around critical heart and brain issues. Their research breakthroughs help advance diagnosis and treatment, repair damaged hearts and minimize debilitating effects of strokes.

Forge successful partnerships

We identify crucial issues that will lead the better health outcomes for people across Canada and build teams to tackle these challenges. Our partnerships with hospitals, universities and health institutions help close gaps in patient care.

Create healthier environments

We advocate to leaders and policy makers so everyone in Canada can lead healthier lives, reducing their risk of heart disease and stroke. We push to change laws (on issued like youth vaping), improve health policies and beat health inequities.

Trigger systems change

Hospitals need support. We collaborate to build evidence that helps them improve current and future patient care, reducing the devastating toll of heart conditions and stroke.

Fund crucial initiatives

As Canada’s largest non-governmental funder of heart disease and stroke research in Canada, we ensure continuous financial support to enable breakthroughs. And we drive innovations to confront challenges like high blood pressure and cardiac arrest.

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