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We’re facing new and previously unknown effects of COVID-19 on our vulnerable community of people living with heart disease and stroke. Help us fight new risks.

Hearts Helping Hearts

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Support researchers in BC and across Canada with the funds necessary to keep driving progress forward and ensure that life-saving advances are made well into the future

Now more than ever we need to ensure a strong future for heart and brain health research in BC and across Canada that will benefit people living in BC. It is absolutely critical that we continue to invest in research that will keep driving progress forward and ensure that advances are made well into the future. Your support will ensure that researchers across BC have the funds necessary to carry out his important work in improving heart and brain health.



Support the creation of a Digital Living with Stroke program, so we can continue to serve this vulnerable population during COVID-19 and beyond

The in-person Living with Stroke program has been developed for people who have had a stroke and for the individuals who care for them. Your gift will help create an interactive, digital program consisting of a combination of self-directed learning sessions and virtual discussion groups with other participants. 

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Support survey research to better understand the rapidly evolving needs of people living with heart disease or stroke and caregivers during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on all people in Canada, including our Heart & Stroke community. We need to understand its impacts on people living with heart conditions, stroke, or vascular cognitive impairment, as well as their family members and caregivers and their health, how they are managing and adapting, and their needs going forward.

 The survey results will help shape our priorities moving forward to ensure we are supporting people with what they need most.

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Support one webinar offering practical guidance to people impacted by heart disease and stroke

During this time, Canadians are looking to Heart & Stroke as a legitimate source of knowledge, research and best practices to protect themselves, their loved ones and their communities. Our interactive webinars and ongoing stream of digital resources help people protect themselves, stay healthy, manage their conditions and deal with reduced access to health and rehabilitation services.

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Support development of one HeartSmart Kids online worksheet to help kids and families stay healthy and active at home during COVID-19

With all of us safe at home, kids and their families are looking for the resources they need to stay healthy and active. Heart & Stroke is offering virtual health education to help kids take care of themselves and each other, and practice heart and brain healthy habits every day.

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Provide people with credible information, advice and support about staying safe and healthy (physically and mentally) during COVID-19

Canadians, especially those experiencing signs of heart attack and stroke, and those impacted by heart disease and stroke, are turning to Heart & Stroke for timely, credible information from our medical experts. We provide knowledge that protects and supports families in navigating the COVID-19 crisis, and critical research and clinical guidance to healthcare and research professionals.

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Provide essential CPR and life-support training to one healthcare professional

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting unprecedented pressure on the Canadian health care system, including emergency medical systems and their providers. As retired doctors and nurses return to help ease the strain our healthcare system is facing, Heart & Stroke is helping them refresh their resuscitation skills through our life-support training programs.

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